Researchers Investigating the Paranormal


R.I.P. offers Paranormal Investigations, House Blessings & Clearings, Seances, Educational Workshops and mentoring programs for children/teens with mediumship abilities along with support for their families.
Our team is dedicated to assisting individuals in need of paranormal interventions. Our goal is to assist our client & provide scientific proof in the existence of the after world.


1. To get the process started, complete the Contact Us form or send an e-mail to R.I.P.
detailing the reason you feel intervention is needed.
2. A R.I.P. member will respond within 72 hours to conduct an initial telephone interview.
3. R.I.P. will conduct a Baseline/Pre-Investigative meeting at the location. The client completes consent agreements. This recorded meeting includes the gathering of detailed scientific readings. This information will give invaluable information to the Team should we proceed to complete a Formal Investigation. In addition, the Team seeks environmental situations that may appear paranormal in nature. Please allow 2-3 hours for this meeting.
4. Upon review of the Pre-Investigative Meeting Information, R.I.P. will determine need for Investigation. Client will be contacted.
5. The Investigation generally occurs during a weekend date. The area investigated must be vacated for the investigation to proceed. We use both scientific & metaphysical resources during our investigative process. Please allow 6-8 hours for the investigation.
6. Per client category preference, R.I.P. will review the data collected during the Investigation. The review process may take 4-6 weeks.
7. Per client category preference, Upon completion of review, a R.I.P. member will contact the client for data review.
8. Per client category preference, During data review: The client will receive a full report, including recommendations when appropriate. R.I.P. will provide copies of any paranormal evidence collected.
Please Note:
*Telephone Consultations are NO CHARGE.
Clients are only asked to take care of rt Mileage expenses (@ $1.45 per mile) and suggested donation per category level.
No serious cases denied due to expenses incurred within the Midwest.
*R.I.P. will not release any portion of the Investigation without your expressed written consent.
*The property owners/individuals residing within the location should be the only individuals present during the investigative process.

EVP Work Sessions
Not interested in an Investigation... only interested in Electronic Voice Phenomena? 
Some folks may not be haunted...maybe just looking to learn about Electronic Voice Phenomena and have a professional come out to you.   Yes, R.I.P. can accommodate you!
Please contact R.I.P. at 
(630)697-0286 for details.
Please Note:
* EVP sessions are as follows:
30 Minutes= $52.50
60 Minutes= $105.00
In addition, Clients take care of rt Mileage expenses (@ $1.45 per mile.) Pre-payment is required.
* Analysis of recordings are $1.75 a minute.
Clients will receive a Flash Drive of Main file and EVP sound clips.
*R.I.P. will not release any portion of such results without your expressed written consent.
*The property owners/individuals residing within the location should be the only individuals present during the EVP Sessions.




"Dear Cindi & the R.I.P. Team,
Just wanted to thank you again for working with our family. Finally the occurences in our home make sense. I knew my girls were special, but didn't realize that Spirits were actually talking with them. We no longer have to live in fear. To say thank you just doesn't seem to convey the signifigance you have made in all of our lives. Looking forward to continuing in the Mentorship program. God Bless you"
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RIPMidwest All rights reserved.


Have you recently moved into a new "home?"
Does your living space have a heavy feeling?
A house blessing is a common ritual used when moving into a new dwelling or for the cleansing of a dwelling after emotional traumas. Such examples are, but not limited too: after a divorce; after a death.
The main purpose is to clean the house of all unwanted energy or beings and to seal portals to the outside world. House Blessings & Clearings create a sacred and personal space. 
This is a service offered thru
To schedule your appointment or for more information, 
call  (630)697-0286.

Does your child see spirits? Can your child hear spirits speak? Can your child feel when spirits are present?
Despite all the programs and reality shows flooding our T.V. screens, many families feel isolated and lost. If this is you...Please know your family is not alone.
R.I.P. mentors children & teens with Sixth- Sensory abilities. There are many challenges that come along with these gifts.
Our purpose is to:
Support & Educate
Provide Resources
Our renowned Medium will meet with your family to assist in unraveling the complexities that are dealt with on a day to day basis.
This is a service  offered thru
 To schedule your appointment or for more information, call (630)697-0286.

R.I.P. offers Seances to small groups (10-20 individuals) for a nominal fee per person. 
A seance is a type of ritual conducted  and facilitated in the dark by a Medium & participants whom join hands as they form a circle around a small table.  A number of methods are utilized to communicate with the Other Side (aka. the dead) The process was taught to Ms.Muntz by her guides many years ago. 
The process is executed with respect and reverence for the Other Side. It is completely a unique one of a kind experience and a group participatory event.  
Why is it Popular?
Many participants have experiences a variety of manifestations during this event!  Over the past 20+ years, individuals from all walks of life & belief systems have shared in this experience.  Even the most skeptical paranormal Investigators have come for seconds! 
The experience is a minimum of two hours in length.
This is a service offered thru 
To schedule your appointment or for more information, 
call (630)697-0286.




R.I.P. only charges Mileage & Donations for Investigations.

An average investigation takes a minimum of 252 hours of member time! 

Members pay a monthly dues to cover the cost of batteries, CD's, DV recording discs, smudge supplies, Florida Water, film and incidentals that are required to dedicate ourselves to quality Investigations.

 Your donations truly make a difference so we can assist others!

Most Sincerely,
The R.I.P. Team
Interested in donating items to R.I.P.?
We areseeking the following items.
Please contact us at (630)697-0286.
(Please note: ***= new in packaging)
- ***White Sage
- (2) Tri-Field Meter
- ***AAA and/or AA batteries
- *** Peruvian Florida Water
- *** DV recording discs -RW-
- (1) Utility Van
- (1) ThermoImager
- shelving, locking cabinents and desk for Utility Van
- Gift Certificate for Gasoline
- Gift Certifiate for any coffee house (to give us a caffeine boost!)
- (3) InfraRed Lights
- (1) Sony Camcorder with night vision
- (1) EM Pump
- (2) Extra Large equipment case with padding
- (1) Laptop
- (1) DVR with 8 camera/8 audio capabilities
- (8) 0 Lux CCD security camera