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Joanna from Bishopville, South Carolina shares:
"When I was in 8th or 9th grade, I experienced scratches on my arms. It would feel like something was pinching me, then I'd look down and see three little scratches on my arm. My electronic video games would turn on simultaneously. My stereo's volume would go up on its own. I'd turn it down and when I walk away it would keep going back up. This would keep happening until I turned off the stereo. Often times I'd see someone in white walking into another bedroom, never saw the face. At times I would try to sleep and would wake to the feeling of hands around my throat, and on both my wrists and ankles. One night I refused to sleep in my bed after seeing a large bright light floating over the middle of my bed. The night my mother and I started packing I was overcome with and unexplained urge to cry. I had no idea why, but I couldn't stop. I'm now 27 and these memories still terrify me."
Brian from Bolingbrook,Illinois shares:
"As I was hanging my coat up in the front closet, I heard voices coming from our master bedroom. Maybe my wife left the TV on? OR maybe the radio? It didn't really phase me. It sounded like several people talking...only I couldn't quite make out the words. The voices continued as I approached and went up the staircase. But as I got to the door, the voices stopped. My wife was sound asleep. The TV & radio was off! With no way to explain any of it, I am sure I had a ghostly encounter."
Bob from Warrenville,Illinois shares:
"During the night, I sometimes hear my cabinets opening and closing on there own in my kitchen. Yikes!"
Thomas from Birr County, Ireland shares:
"The property was vacant. I had just finished my rounds and sat down by the fire in the library with my newspaper. I set my newspaper on the coffee table and closed my eyes for just a moment. I felt a slight breeze and my hair brushed to the side. I opened my eyes and there in front of me stood a woman. At least I believe she stood because her body was not visible some inches below the waist. She wore a light cornflower blue dress and her brown hair was in a bun atop her head. She had a white lace shawl around her shoulders and a cameo type brooch afixed at her neck. She had kind eyes and stared at me intentfully. Within a moment, she disappeared...right in front of my eyes! I feel comforted knowing that she continues to look out for her home & for me."
Nathan from San Deigo,California shares:
"I once took the Ghost and Gravestones tour in Old San Diego around two to three years ago. A private home that we visited was not always a home for the Owner, but for soldiers as well; The soldiers did not always survive. I go through the second level of the house with the tour guide and my family as I see a rocking chair which the original owner of the house sat in, opposite to it is a portrait of her on the wall. I only slightly waved my hand around the chair without touching it and as if from out of the blue the chair rocked back and forth as if someone got out of it."
Jazmin from Carbondale, Illinois shares:
"My mom was up at 1:45am in the morning working on the computer. She had the house phone on the charger on the other side of the room & she had her cell phone next to her. Her cell phone rings. The phone said 'home' on the caller ID. So, it was the house phone calling. Being in her room on the computer, she answered it thinking it was some one else in the Front room using the other house phone. She answered "Hello?" Nothing, not even breathing, not even the T.V.! She went to the Front room, the T.V. was on and the phone was gone! The next morning, she found the other house phone... under the couch! " CREEPY"
Sally from Oswego,Illinois shares:
" I was so devastated by my dads passing that he made sure to let me know he was ok.... One time in my kitchen, I passed by an open door and smelled fresh cut lumber. It lasted for just a moment and suddenly vanished. I just knew it was my dad."
Taylor from Aurora,Illinois shares:
"One night I was laying on the couch and I saw out of the corner of my eye someone walking down the stairs. I looked over and I saw what looked to be a young girl. She looked to be from the late 1800s early 1900s. She had a white night gown on and a black ribbon/bow in her hair. She had short brown hair. When she got to the bottom of the stairs she turned and looked at me then she kept walking and disappeared into the closet. Everynow and then I see her going through the doorways from the kitchen on holidays after my family went home. I think her name is Erica because that name is carved into one of the door frames. "
Esther from Aurora, Illinois shares:
"Mother lived w/us for 20 years and died in 1998. Feisty, difficult at times, inclined to pit one sibling against another for her affection and love, she was nonetheless my mom and I love her. I remember often coming home from work so fatigued and burned-out that I had to go to my bedroom and take a nap b/4 dinner. My mother would often want my attention and call out to me outside of my closed bedroom door to get up and talk to her as she was lonely. Four years after her death, we moved to another home. I was in a deep sleep one early morning and all of a sudden I heard my mother loudly calling out my name, "Esther, Esther, get up!" Even though I have multiple disc/spinal stenosis problems with my back, I somehow sat right up in my bed and yelled out, "I'm coming, Mother, I'm coming." As I sat up I looked straight ahead and then I turned my head to face the open bedroom door and there standing with her toes at the entrance to the bedroom and leaning to the right in order to see me around the chest of drawers that partially blocked the view was my mother. She was wearing her furry robe, pj's and slippers, as she often did, but mostly I remember her direct stare at me and the bewildered look in her eyes...something I had never seen before. I blinked and then she was gone, and I said out loud to myself, "what just happened here?" This was her first visit to me. A few months ago, I was sitting in my wing chair, with my feet on the right side of theottoman while watching TV in my LR and I fell asleep in the early evening. Next thing I know I am in a dream but I am very much aware that I am awake. The scene is the same as b/4 I fell asleep, except this time the LR was dim, the TV was still on (the TV had belonged to my mom), and I was sitting in the same position. Seated on the left side of the ottoman in a forward leaning position with her arms on her knees and looking at the TV was my mother. I heard myself trying to speak to her, but I could not form the words..the sounds of words were coming out of my mouth but I felt as if I was drugged, and I knew I couldn't speak to her because I was in a dream. So I tried to stretch my legs and bend my toes to touch the back of her hips to get her attention. I must have touched her because she twisted around to her right and looked at me. I heard myself saying to her, "why aren't you paying attention to me" and all I saw was a blank look in her eyes and then she turned around and continued to watch TV. She by nature was friendly and animated so this look in her eyes baffled me. My yelling at her about paying attention to me woke me up as I heard my voice. This was her second visit to me. Two weeks later, I again had a dream as I sat in the same chair while watching the same TV at about the same time in the early evening. In this dream, I was in a room that was dark and there there was a dim light directly over a table in the middle of this room. On the table were 4 or 5 one-page letters, which were laying next to one another from left to right on the table. I somehow knew to look straight down on the letter in the middle, as it was to me. I couldn't read the handwritten words, but I knew it was from my mother. Contained in two separate lines in the letter were the printed words in black lettering, I CAN'T. These two words stood out because they were in dark black letters and they were printed..the rest of the letter was in dim handwriting. When I immediately woke up, I asked myself what did my mother mean by the words, "I CAN'T? And then I understood. She was telling me that she could not speak to me, she could not communicate with me like I want her to. And I made my peace with my mother by telling her that I want her to be at peace and that I will not ask her to do what she cannot. I want her to be happy. Since that time she has made her presence known. My husband and I are seniors and have difficulty reaching up to the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet. I had set aside a dish to be placed on the top shelf of a cabinet and planned to ask my husband to use the step stool and put the dish up on the shelf. A hour or so later, I noticed that the dish was not on the counter, and was instead on the top shelf where I had wanted to ask my husband to put it. I asked him how he knew that I wanted that dish put on the top shelf, and he said that he didn't put any dish on any shelf. Since he and I are the only ones in our home, I can only surmise that my mom was helping me clean the cabinets and was responsible for putting up the dish..she always loved to help with housework and she was very thorough. I made a point of thanking her for her help, as always! The TV that she owned that now sits in a cabinet in the LR was inexplicably found to be turned on in the middle of the night because we could hear it playing, and this went on at our former home after my mom died, and then for a little while in our present home. My mom loved her TV and it's nice to see that she still watches it. My last encounter with my mom occurred while I was sleeping. I am laying in bed sleeping, and then all of a sudden, during the middle of the night, I hear someone, I believe it sounded like my mother, call out my name very slowly, somewhat softly, very clearly and it was a feminine voice and my name was broken down as follows: "Es-ther" instead of "Esther." There was a slight pause between syllables. I immediately woke up and said out loud in the dark, "who said my name?"
Michael from Wheaton, Illinois shares:
"About ten years ago, I was watching TV after school while my parents prepared to go out to dinner with some friends. I wasn't paying attention when the left, but shortly after they left in the corner of my eye someone walked into the living room from the dinning room and sat in the LayZBoy recliner. Thinking it was my dad, I started asking him if he wanted me to change the channel, after several minutes of no answers I turned around to ask "Why are you ignoring me?" only to see an empty and rocking recliner. A moment later my parents car pulls into the driveway and my mother walks inside and says "I forgot my purse." I still don't know who that was in my living room that day, but after that it was common for windows and doors to open and close on their own, and lights to go off and on at their own discretion."
Michele from Naperville, Illinois shares:
"My earliest encounter was at 9 years old in the Cress Creek (now) Condominiums. As I was coming out of my room vacuuming the carpet, I drew my arm back and thought I felt my arm hit something and heard, "Ow!" I turned off the vacuum and turned around expecting to find my sister standing there. But no one was there - nor in the condo at all. They were next door. While I've had several encounters in between, my latest experience was a vacant home in Rochelle. I was previewing the home for a client (I'm a Realtor) and had been in the home for about 10 mins when the basement door suddenly slammed with a force so hard, it shook the whole house. I was by myself, there was no wind and the door was open 180 degrees only moments before. After looking for a cause, I decided I was going to stay and look at the rest of the home when all the hair on my body went up. It felt like someone had walked thru me. I left. I didn't run out the door but, I definitely walked briskly!"
Brandon from WaterTown, Tennessee shares:
"Following are events me my family encountered while growing up. Though I do not live at the following locations any more my family still lives in the area. The first incidences where at palatine square apartments. I lived on the 3rd floor apt 3b of {left blank for privacy of current residence} At this location faucets would be turned on all the way when the family was in th eliving room. Or while I would be home alone there would be a banging sound in the kitchen as
if someone was hitting the kitchen sink. But the most activity experienced was when we moved to 1556 the apt next to 1559 but this time we were on the 1st floor apt 1b. At this residence there would be odd recordings on our anwersing machine, there were multiple sightings of a large dark figure of a man in the back bedroom seen by my mother and sister. We would hear what sounded like someone running their hands accross the walls at night. The bathroon lights would trun on and off for long periods. Foul smells would be smelled, chilled areas of the house. My mother was even touched by the entity at the apt. while I was right next to her. Her skin went fridged and she turned pale. We decided to do research on the area and found that a man had fallen off the third floor balcony and died inf front of our apartment many years ago. My mother who is a chalk artist once was drawing a picture of a native american woman. When she did not like the way it was coming out she re-chalked he canvas and shortly after doing so the picture slowly began to re-appear. My father took and burned the canvas. We would leave for a family outing and a picture of Jesus my mother drew would be found face down (this happened on multiple occasions). We then moved to {left blank dur to privacy of current residence} tower court. While living at the residence (a condo) things seemed to get worse. We had an elder woman and her daughter who lived next door to us. Shortly after moving into the condo the daughter died on the operating table due to surgical complications. Shortly after that the mother moved away. During the time the condo next to us was empty there would be incidences where things would be knocked off the tv, objects in the bedrooms would be thrown or moved especially in the bedroom closest to the living room. In that room things would get dropped on me while i was sleeping, the corners of the bed would be lifted and then dropped and there was always a feeling as though being watched. After about a year another family expexting a child moved in, but saddly enough when the baby was on its way she passed on during birth and so the man and woman moved away. I left for from the condo where my mother would often report seeing dark objects and hear whispers. While home I was coming out of the bathroom and found their dog growing and the room in question and when I went to look the door closed shut."
Amanda from Chicago,Illinois shares:
"Me and my boyfriend live in an old building, so there's lots of dust on everything! We went out one night and came back to find my dads initials, in his handwriting, in the dust on the t.v. Screen! I miss him."
Maria from Joliet, Illinois shares:
"I want to share a story that happened about 20 years ago to me while living in a small town in Mexico. From the first day we went to live in that house I had "feelings of dread " towards a certin room. My solution.. keep the door closed and do not use it at all. Doing this put my husband and I on a sleeper sofa in the living room, the sofa right next to the closed door of the room I wanted to avoid. One night I heard a chair being dragged across the dining room floor. Of course I thought I was dreaming untill I heard foot steps comming towards me to the closed door. they stopped and went towards the oppisite direction. I was scared but still tried to belive that there was an answer to this, pinching my self and looking for the shilouete of one of my children walking through the house, well I was awake and there were no shilouetes of any one. Finally in the morning I told my husband what happened ( he slept through the whole thing) and he did not belive me but once we opened the door to the patio there was a horrible smell of something decaying. We left that same day, and never have returned for our belongings."
Tiffany from Farmington, Mo. shares:
"I am very interested in hauntings and spirits so naturally my friends and I are always looking for haunted places in our area. It just so happens we found one right outside of Farmingtons city limits. A few years ago my fiance had told me about a haunted house off of H hwy outside of farmington and I decided I wanted to go see it. So we took a couple of our friends with us and at about midnight we pulled up and decided to check it out. We all jumped the fence and went up to the house to check it out a little better. After exploring outside we decided to go inside the house. It is a very old house so it doesnt really have a lot of privacy or ways to keep people out of it. While inside we went upstairs to try and get to a room we had previously seen someone or something standing in the window of to check it out. Problem is the only way to get to the room where they were is to climb onto the roof and enter into it through the window. As we were getting ready to walk downstairs I noticed 4 small pairs of shoes at the top of the stairs that were not there when we came up, possibly a baby or young childs shoes. As we were walking downstairs my fiance was pushed and there was no one behind him. Then as we made it outside I was feeling a burning sensation on my back. My fiance lifted my shirt to see that I had what looked like finger nail scratches all down my back. After that we left and I said I was never going back in the house again. Since then we have pulled up to the house a few times and just sat there and our car has been pushed, we have heard voices,there has been prints all over my car and there is always an evil looking face in the front upper window. On one rare occasion I actually felt as if something had passed thru me whilee sitting in front of the house and at that same moment I broke out into a panic and started crying for no apparent reason. But I felt a sadness I had never felt before and it was extremely overwhelming. I have heard a story stating a man killed his wife and children in that house then letting the guilt consume him killed himself but have not been able to find any actual documentation of what really happened there. I do know that it is haunted and that one of the spirits there is not ver inviting."
Nicole from Chicago, IL. shares:
" I once awoke in the middle of the night to see a vision of my husband standing over his own body which was laying next to me sleeping. Next to this "vision" was a shadow person. My husbands spirit was looking at his own body, whereas I felt that the shadow person was looking at me. I felt no fear which was odd. They both just disappeared into thin air. "
Carol from Lasalle, IL. shares:
"We moved into this older 2 story home. Built in the 1800's. Nice home, but we keep on hearing foot steps going up and down our " carpeted" stairs and doors slamming. We find ourselves asking, "Who's there?"

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