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Interested in becoming a Paranormal Investigator?
R.I.P. is now seeking new Members...
Does this describe YOU?
  • Honest & have Integrity
  • Team Player
  • Dependable
  • Reliable
  • Pays Attention to Detail
  • Play hard & work hard
  • Physically able to stand/walk for long periods of time
  • Climb repeated stairs while holding a suitcase
  • Desire proof of life after death




R.I.P. is currently seeking someone who is interested in

'Historical Research and Marketing/Development.' 

Research is not just laptop thing, it requires travel into the area of the Investigation.  No experience needed.  If you are a history buff and don't mind chatting with folks on the phone and in person, give us a buzz!!




This is not quite as glamorous as all those shows! (You know which ones we are talking about! ) This group takes quite a bit of time and commitment... All Volunteered!! Members are dedicated to the entire process... including Marketing and Research. Not even Mother Nature stops us...Rain, Shine, Sleet, Snow, 10 Degrees to 100 Degrees... R.I.P. is in action.
If you melt in the rain or are afraid of bugs, this is not the right field for you!
Whew! Hope we haven't scared you!
BOO! Have we scared you yet? lol
(630) 697-0286
Thank You!
After a conversation with one of the R.I.P. Team members, an Application for Membership will be e-mailed to you. Upon completion and your submission, the Team will review your Application. Most times, we will arrange a time to chit chat in person. Not skype, not a video call... an old fashioned face to face meeting of the minds. ;)
If we are inviting you into the Team, you will receive a call, text, or e-mail.
If for some reason we do not, you will receive an e-mail from us.
Please try to not take it personally. (Although every blue moon, lol)
Timing is everything! Sometimes its due to schedules or availability.. or maybe we have an over abdundance of members doing the exact same thing you wish too. We always keep your info on file, if anything changes we'll pop you a note & see if you are still available.
Please Note: You do not have to be a professional R.I.P. Member to participate in the Explorer's Meet Up's, Meetings, Excursions, Events and Outings.  In fact, some of our members have gotten to know us thru participation in these activities! To keep updated on the RIP Explorer's, please go to the Explorer's Page or visit
We appreciate your interest & look forward to meeting you soon!
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