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"Thank you R.I.P. ! Our first call came from the hotel room. We never believed in all this until we moved into our new home. We so appreciated the professionalism and knowledge of your Team. More importantly, we are thankful for the results!
Thanks to you, we are now enjoying our new residence in peace & quiet. :)"


Founder - Professional Medium - National Speaker
As a child Cindi Muntz remembers her many experiences with Spirits. Little did she know then how gifted she was. When asked how long she has been giving readings, she says that it’s been for as long as she can remember and that “she has always seen the world differently”.
Cindi has a Bachelors Degree in Leisure Studies & Psychology from University of St.Francis. Passionate about healing and its possibilities since an early age, she began studies in the healing arts and has experience in many different modalities. Cindi is well versed in Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Cleanse & Balance Healing and Psychometry. She is a Reiki Master and Teacher. Cindi is, also, a Native American Medicine Healer. As a Shamanic Practitioner, she has the ability to sense and intuit healing in a unique state of awareness. In addition to her love and dedication to R.I.P. Midwest, Cindi is the Medium/Clairvoyant for the Chicago Paranormal Detectives (aka Paranormal Cops as aired on the BIO channel and A&E.) Upon request, she also assists teams thru out the country for their clients with serious paranormal phenomena.
Both she and those in the spirit world work hard to pass on messages of love and hope to help heal those here in the physical world. Her contact confirms continuation of life after our physical bodies are no longer. Ms.Muntz connects with Spiritual Guides, Loved Ones, Friends, Co-Workers and even pets!
She is able to reconcile lives after loss by directly
communicating with the Other Side.
Her clientele comes from all walks of life and careers. In fact,she is frequently asked to do 'readings' for well known faces and personality's stretching from the East Coast all the way to the West. She, even, leads sessions for other well known psychics/readers! That being said, Ms.Muntz adheres to the strictest of confidentiality guidelines. Her services are discreet and confidential. She frequently travels throughout the U.S. to work with
those unable to travel to her Illinois office.
Cindi is married and lives in the Chicagoland area.
She is available for assistance with missing persons
and legal/police investigations.
 Follow her on Twitter @CindiMuntz


Co-Founder -  Lead Investigator - Video Specialist 
"My first paranormal experience would have to be when my Father-In-Law came to visit. He worked as an Electrician. Guess what he focused his energy on? Anything that had to do with electricity. My wife, Cindi, is a Medium. She does not need things to "Happen" because she can see and hear Spirits when they come. I, on the other hand, was initially a bit of a skeptic. Since we met, my wife would share with me when Spirits were in our midst.
One night Cindi & I were discussing a memory we shared about her Dad. We were in our bedroom remincing when the lights began to flicker. Cindi goes on to share that her father just came in to the room. It was odd...there was no rain or storms outside & no other lights had flickered. Could it really be him? She says, "You should ask him to do it again." So I did. "Dad if you are REALLY in the room, please make the lamp flicker again." Just as I said that, the bathroom light goes on & off. Then like someone is flicking the switch, the hallway light goes on & off three times! And, the light in our bedroom flickered AGAIN! WOW!! My wife began to chuckle, probably because of the look on my face. It wasn't that I hadn't believed her in the past...I just never thought something could happen to me.
This experience has made me a believer out of me.
Through R.I.P., I have experienced a plethora of paranormal phenomena. Because of my experience with my Father-In-Law, I realize that many paranormal experiences are due to loved ones reaching out. And, when the lights begin to flicker... I smile and say "Hi Dad."


   Paranormal  Investigator -        

EVP Extraordinaire
After a brief hiatus, R.I.P. Midwest is honored to welcome back our dearest friend and most seasoned Investigator back into the R.I.P. fold.
“For as far back as I can remember I have always been interested in the paranormal. I had one experience when I was little that had me wondering and I have been actively seeking answers ever since. When I was about 8 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw someone sitting at the end of my bed, I kept staring at it, not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me so I started moving towards the end of my bed to get a closer look - not scared at all - the figure stayed there till I was almost there and it disappeared. I still remember it as clear as day.”
Pat is a skilled Reiki Master/Teacher. Her calm and sensitive approach proves an asset during Investigations.





    Paranormal  Investigator             

     In Training 

"I have always been interested in the paranormal and even having a couple experiences throughout my life! One experience was what I believed to be a woman sitting on my bed next to me in the middle of the night... Another time, I heard footsteps and lastly,  I was getting that feeling as if someone was in the room with me, literally standing behind me!  So here I am, now an R.I.P. member.   Trying to learn and grow as a person in this field and hoping to help some people along the way."



   Paranormal Investigator              

"The paranormal has always been a part of my life ever since I was a young boy. Becoming a part of a paranormal group seemed like the best opportunity to bring answers to all of my many questions lingering in the back of my head for so many years. One of my earliest memories of the supernatural was when I lived with my parents and had moved into their basement. I had it all... a tv, a couch, a bed and a computer desk. Many nights were spent staring at a computer screen working on homework or researching, feeling something all around me! I had dismissed it SO many times, after a short period of time it became second nature!  

I had lived in that basement roughly a month or so before I started having recollections of conversations between a younger male and myself just prior to waking up only to see no one there! This had gone on for many months, always occurring the same way. As time went by, I started noticing shadow figures walk by doorways in the middle of the day and even  saw a floating torso of my late grandmother walking in front of a pair of French doors in broad daylight.  This was now my normal everyday life! The only problem was... I had no one that I could to talk to about it.  My parents would shun the idea of anything to do with Spirits or Ghosts and would immediately change the subject.  

Joining R.I.P. is a turning point in my life.  I am so excited to be a part of this group and can not wait for what lays ahead. With R.I.P., I will finally gain the answers  I have looked for all these many years."



     Paranormal Investigator              

"After growing up with many unexplained childhood experiences, I was always looking for answers.  Throughout the years I have gotten some, but it never seemed like I had the knowledge or proof to pass it on to others.  I wanted to give people more answers and tools than I was able to. 

Being a part of R.I.P., I am looking forward to being a part of something bigger than myself." 



    Paranormal  Investigator           

     In Training 

"As a naturally inquisitive person, the paranormal has long been an interest of mine.  Looking for explanations and answers always keeps me motivated and learning in this field.  There were even a couple instances from when I was a child and long before I had any understanding or knowledge of the paranormal that to this day I can not think of a reasonable environmental or physical explanation.  It was a clear sign to me that there was more than just the physical world around me.  Leaving me with more questions than answers, it was the catalyst that got me into learning more about the paranormal over the years.

 After spending considerable time learning and investigating in the field independently, becoming a member of R.I.P. was the next big step in helping me gain more knowledge and understanding of the paranormal while working with a great team of like minded individuals, committed to both understanding and advancing the field.  I look forward to the future of the team as well as helping those that may be having struggles with the paranormal in their lives".





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