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The Faces of R.I.P.
"Thank you R.I.P. ! Our first call came from the hotel room. We never believed in all this until we moved into our new home. We so appreciated the professionalism and knowledge of your Team. More importantly, we are thankful for the results!
Thanks to you, we are now enjoying our new residence in peace & quiet. :)"




    Paranormal  Investigator             


"I have always been interested in the paranormal and even having a couple experiences throughout my life! One experience was what I believed to be a woman sitting on my bed next to me in the middle of the night... Another time, I heard footsteps and lastly,  I was getting that feeling as if someone was in the room with me, literally standing behind me!  So here I am, now an R.I.P. member.   Trying to learn and grow as a person in this field and hoping to help some people along the way."




    Paranormal  Investigator           

"As a naturally inquisitive person, the paranormal has long been an interest of mine.  Looking for explanations and answers always keeps me motivated and learning in this field.  There were even a couple instances from when I was a child and long before I had any understanding or knowledge of the paranormal that to this day I can not think of a reasonable environmental or physical explanation.  It was a clear sign to me that there was more than just the physical world around me.  Leaving me with more questions than answers, it was the catalyst that got me into learning more about the paranormal over the years.

 After spending considerable time learning and investigating in the field independently, becoming a member of R.I.P. was the next big step in helping me gain more knowledge and understanding of the paranormal while working with a great team of like minded individuals, committed to both understanding and advancing the field.  I look forward to the future of the team as well as helping those that may be having struggles with the paranormal in their lives".



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