Researchers Investigating the Paranormal

In Loving Memory


October 3, 1944 - August 11, 2009
Documentation Specialist & Paranormal Investigator
"I am so proud to be a member of R.I.P. I have been intruiged with the paranormal since a young girl. I go into locations as an unbeliever, but the Spirits quickly change my attitude. You have to go in with prayer and compassion and a willingness to help.
They need our assistance or they would not be so persistent.
We at R.I.P. have passed over many souls.
For this, I feel peace and contentment. I love this group and all the people in it...
Quiet your mind. Listen and you will hear." #103
Throughout Life we are lucky to meet special people. Kathy is definitely one of those people. We feel not only lucky, but blessed to have her a part of our lives. Kathy is a Founding member of R.I.P. Had it not been for all of her persistentance, this Group may never have formed! Kathy always put others first. Kind, compassionate, open-minded, adventurous and so energetic. She loves the outdoors and Native American history and traditions. Kathy had experiences with the paranormal since a young girl. She had once said,
" How can one not have deep faith when the signs are so clear."
Her Strength and Faith inspired each life she touched-
both here and on the Other Side.
Her love & light shines bright.
Your Heart...My Heart. My P.S. I love You Always!
"Listen and You will Hear."