Researchers Investigating the Paranormal





February 23rd, 2013 from 10:45pm to 3:30am  



Only $42.80!!!!


Meeting at the 7-Eleven located 6 E 47th Street in LaGrange, Illinois  60525

At the intersection of 47th Street and LaGrange Road in Countryside, Illinois



*This will be a small group event with a max of 20 participants

*We will be investigating an old Theater that is reported to have paranormal activity.

*This location has NEVER been accessed by any other group... We will be the first and only!

*The owner has asked that the location name/address not be given out to the public and asks that any and all results remain anomyous.  You will be asked to sign a confidentialty contract before entering.

*You are welcome to bring your equipment  :)

* The location is temperature controlled & Bathrooms will be available.

*Please wear dark colors (for night vision cameras) and comfortable shoes.




Please call Cindi & Brian at 630-697-0286

Feb.23rd Investigation

$ 42.80 USD