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"We called with much apprehension. After a horrible experience with a local team, we weren't sure how to handle our circumstance. I spoke with Brian, the Team Founder. I felt immediately comfortable and knew we had done the right thing. We chose to receive copies of recordings and such. The review astonished us! We had been previously told there was a "demonic presence" in the house...but the recordings were of Spirits apologizing for making us uncomfortable and asking for help from Cindi. Not sure how she did it, but she was able to help them. We even have them saying "good-bye" on tape! Thank you Cindi and the R.I.P. Team for being genuine. We feel so blessed to have worked with you."
Our group is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. We are here to help YOU.   R.I.P. is committed to assist YOU in gaining answers and gaining peace of mind. 
We respect your privacy and adhere to most strictest of confidentiality protocols.
Our team is dedicated to assisting individuals in need of paranormal interventions. We use both scientific & metaphysical resources during our investigative process. Our goal is to assist our client & provide scientific proof in the existence of the after world AND to assist those in Spirit as appropriate. We strive to assist people in understanding and coping with a haunting with respect to their own personal belief system.
Careful attention is placed on our instrument readings and visual/audio recordings. That being said, sometimes the scientific portion can be very limiting in many cases.
R.I.P. is at the cutting edge of  parapsychological studies by developing groundbreaking techniques, furthering studies and recording scientific proof of 'Communication with the Other Side.'  R.I.P.  studies the social, emotional and spiritual context within the environment which paranormal phenomena takes place. Therefore, it allows a complete and well-rounded perspective to take shape.
R.I.P. was founded in November of 2006 with our first 'official' meeting in February of 2007. We investigate ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal phenomena nationwide through on site visits and/or phone consultations.  We are very serious when it comes to your safety & ours! Only our top trained Team Members are involved in the Investigative Process. With focus on education and professionalism, New members participate in a thorough Training Program before taking an active role in the field. 

R.I.P. is constantly seeking avenues to gain a further understanding of paranormal occurrences.
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you & your Paranormal Guest the best service possible.

Spirits are our Specialty!









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